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I just finished reading an article on Christian Praise and how it affects non-christians. It bought back fond memories of when I first attended a Pentecostal Church.

Being bought up in a certain denomination in the Montreal area of Canada I was used to singing hymns and nice little songs like Jesus Loves Me. This kept me on track when I was a little girl, but when I grew up and came back to God, my relationship with Him was completely different. He was no longer a God somewhere up there in the sky who was watching to see if I was naughty or nice (Kind of like a glorified Santa Claus), this time it was different.

I could feel the presence of Jesus in my life and knew something inside me had changed. I decided it was time to go back to church. Sadly, what I found in church was not what I was experiencing in my own one on one time with God.

I started to think perhaps I was strange, perhaps I was overly emotional, perhaps I was wrong somehow. Those around me didn't get all excited about Jesus like I did. What was wrong with me?

I still continued to go to church as I knew this is what God wanted of me, and I loved learning more and more every chance I could get. Later, I met my husband and he was a from a different church. He told me about his church and I thought to my self….This sounds very strange to me…He finally convinced me to go to a meeting with him and I was totally surprised.

I was really surprised that the two churches I had attended were as different as night and day.

That night that I attended the church, with my then to be husband, it was a turning point in my life. I realized as I stood there praising God with those around me that there was a presence that I had never felt in a church before. Yes, I had experienced this presence in my own prayer life, but never in a congregation. It was like I was finally home. Finally, I could see and feel the presence of God amongst those worshipping. It was like heaven came down and the glory of God filled that auditorium that night.

Since becoming a worship leader it has always been my goal to lead those in the congregation to the place where they too can feel the presence of God in the midst of them.

It is only in the presence of our awesome God that people can know, without the shadow of a doubt that they are in the presence of God.

As worship leaders we are like the doorkeepers to the very presence of God. We must lead them gently from the outer courts into the Holy of Holies where they can sense God and the beauty of His Holiness.

The article below is one that I just read, and it reminded me of the importance of worship and its effects on the non-Christian as well as those called by God to be His children.

The article is entitled: Worship and the Visitor
I think you will enjoy reading it and hopefully realize the importance of Christian Praise in our services.

Here is the link:

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   Sharron Myers
Welcome to Christian Praise. I am Sharron Myers, the author and webmaster of the Christian Praise Blog.

Just a little bit about me: I have been teaching Spiritual and Christian values
since 1972 and I was one of six people who started a church in our hometown in 1981 which is still going well in 2011.

I became the Christian Praise and Worship Leader there for many, many years and then moved on to a few other churches. I found myself teaching and being worship leader there also.

Presently, I am back at the church that we had started here in my hometown and I am helping the Worship leader here by leading in Christian Praise and Worship every 2nd week or more if needed. 

My greatest joy is leading people into the throne room of our wonderful creator and to bask in His glory as we magnify His name together.

My desire is that through this site, you will be able to learn to praise and worship the Lord with all of your heart, soul and spirit.

May the Lord bless you all.